Welcome to the archives! This is a stop for fellow creators on the world wide web. I have a great love for making websites, and as Sparrowfish has evolved, I've found myself wanting to honor the past iterations of it. So, here you can access old versions of the site. These versions are no longer being updated and maintained. To return to the current site, click the logo in the corner.

Sparrow Alpha | Early October 2023

"Sparrow Alpha" as it was retroactively named, has been pretty much entirely lost to time. My first forray into html. With lots of floating divs, default browser fonts and a dream, I made something that could only really be considered a website on technicality.

Sparrow 1.0 | Late October - December 2023

In Sparrow 1.0, we see beginnings of some basic skill start to show. I learned how to implement google's font, "pixelfy sans" and I still remember the excitment of learning how to add rounded corners onto divs. At this point, the site was purly something I was making for fun, so I wasn't too worried about presentation. I also learned how to create and upload gif, hence the flickering neon-light "hello."

Sparrow 2.0 | December 2023 - March 2024

Once called "New Sparrow" Sparrow 2.0 came about as a distraction from the project I was actually meant to be working on at the time. This is where I learned a lot of skills involving css, such as how to make divs reactive to the cursor, how to use flexbox, and what a wrapper is. There are a few downfalls of this site. The "Featured Items" bar, while fun in practice, became tedious to edit by hand every time it needed updating. Also, like a maniac, I wrote this version of the site directly into the neocities code editor. As one might imagine this made my life way more difficult than it needed to be. I also discovered that I had been formatting the content of each page to fit my personal laptop screen, which is a little bigger than an average monitor. This caused the content to look all kinds of wonky when my friends came for a visit.

Sparrow 3.0 | March-2024 - present

Here we are in the future! Sparrow 3.0 isn't even live yet as I'm writing this, which is sort of a strange meta moment. I am so greatful for every iteration of this site, especially 2.0. That was when I really realized the potential of this skill that I had been cultivating.

I finally learned how to download an use custom fonts, swapping out "Pixelfy Sans" for a more readable pixel font. There is still a lot of work to be done here, but I'm proud of how far its come. Much like the jump between 1.0 and 2.0, this feels like a new realization of the same vision, now that I have the skills to execute it.